The idea of following the Jakobsweg, a pilgrim route through Austria from the Hungarian border to the Tyrol, came to me following the WF visit to the Passion Play in 2010. McCabe Pilgrimages, through their contacts with Werner Bischof, an Austrian agent, were only too happy to produce a package, so it was with a mixture of gratification and trepidation that I arrived at Heathrow ready to greet another group of pilgrims at the start of another journey. Apart from a slight hiccup as our aircraft was ‘re-configured’ (more seats were squeezed in), we had an uneventful journey and were met at Vienna airport by Werner himself and our local guide Daniella. With them was Roland who would be driving us all the way to Munich. Having collected our luggage we set off on a tour of the city with Daniella explaining the sights and the history. To my delight we were staying at a hotel I had known well in my childhood when my father was stationed in Vienna. I was even more pleased when I found that although the facade was the same, the hotel had moved on, with a modern accommodation added at the back. With time to unpack and settle, in we met for our first meal together and then gathered for an introductory session from our leader, Pamela. She led us in evening prayer, and gave us a short history of St James himself.