Hotels, private rooms and pilgrims‘ hostels
Establishments that have tailored their services to the unique needs of pilgrims traveling the St. James‘ Way and meet specific criteria display a special sign.
Pilgrimage hostels in the classic sense, as they are known, for example, on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, do not exist in Central Europe. Only isolated abbeys and parsonages are in a position to accommodate pilgrims. But in every town, you will find a wide selection of other lodgings – ranging from B&B’s to hotels. Also Local tourist offices will be more than happy to provide you with further information and even help you find vacancies.

Many hospitable accommodation providers along the Way of St. James in Austria welcoming you with open arms, offer the chance for recreation during a pilgrimage of several days.

Please don’t forget to make your reservation in due time! Apart from classic accommodation providers, there is also a pilgrims‘ hostels and also in some regions to stay the night in a Monastery. Mind, however, that a sleeping bag is required at the last two.