We are happy to fulfil your individual wishes and requirements


„We do our best to open all doors for you“  

While you are on the way of St. James in Austria would you like to Hold your own Mass in one of the churches or abbeys along the Way of St. James in Austria? For all Christian churches and religious groups we have good contacts with local parish churches, church communities and often also with the Abbot or the Monastery Director.


You are a leading a choir group and wish to perform in various places along the Way of St. James in Austria? We work closely with our guests when planning their itineraries to ensure that the group chooses the timings, locations and venues that offer the best audience potential for their particular ensemble.


As one of the highlights during your stay you would like to have a private concert somewhere along the Way of St. James in Austria? Music is a tradition that Austrians uphold and continue with great enthusiasm, If you want to listen to classical music, folk music or have a private organ concert in one the churches or monasteries, we have the contacts to make the arrangements for you.

Of course we are at your service if you want to

  • Order tickets for any event during your stay
  • Table reservations
  • Entrances to Museums, Exhibitions
  • and much more