Do you need to require a Pilgrim Pass and where do you obtain it?

A Pilgrim Pass is not required, since there aren’t any classic pilgrim hostels. Nevertheless, many pilgrims really want to have one, since they can use it to identify themselves at parsonages, as well as as a form of personal documentation.

The pilgrims‘ pass is one of the documents that a pilgrim needs to carry. It is, of course, possible, as anywhere else, to walk the Way of St James without a pass. But then without it pilgrims would not be eligible for many of the main benefits (e.g. inexpensive meals and accommodation in the pilgrims‘ hostels). We strongly recommend that all pilgrims obtain a pass.

Stamps can be obtained at churches and from pilgrim-friendly inns and lodgings along the Jakobsweg. They will also give you an opportunity to enter your name in their Pilgrim Book.

How to get a Pilgrims Pass ? Please contact us, we look forward to helping you with.